AKC Delegate’s Report

Highlights of the March 10, 2015 Delegates meeting, Newark, NJ

  • Financial status of the AKC has improved. New programs such as Canine Partners, CGC Star Puppy, Good Dog Helpline, and increase in event growth have contributed to the improvement.
  • Redesign of AKC.org; improved web site hub for new canine health micro site.
  • Plans in 2015 to expand Club Event support program.
  • New Directors elected: Dr. Carman L. Battaglia, Dr. Thomas M. Davies, Mr. Steve D. Gladstone
  • Reduction in building usage (Raleigh office) allowing for a cost savings.
  • Introduced new VP of Technology ~ Michael Bosome
  • At this time, AKC is financially stable yet will continue to meet a myriad of challenges and future endeavors.

The changes to the AKC website have met many challenges. These challenges, although hopefully short lived, have been frustrating. The team headed by Chris Walker is working to make improvements and to improve communication between clubs/fancy and the IT staff. There are also some age/generation understandings to work through to enable everyone to have the quality website needed for the AKC today and in the future. Kathy Moore (ECSCA member) has agrees to work with Chris and his team to determine appropriate English Cocker Spaniel content and pictures.

Sharon Collins, ECSCA AKC Delegate

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