Hall of Fame Requirements
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(Established June 1988, revised January 1, 2012)

English Cocker Spaniel dogs and bitches which have produced offspring of merit in AKC and ECSCA conformation and performance events are eligible for inclusion in The English Cocker Spaniel Club of America, Inc. HALL OF FAME. Points are awarded to sires and dams based on titles earned by their offspring. Minimum standards for admission:

Dogs (Sires)  – 12 points with at least 8 Conformation Champions
Bitches (Dams) – 8 points with at least 4 Conformation Champions
Maximum contribution by any individual offspring is limited to two points.

*  Any new titles relevant to the breed’s purpose made available by AKC or ECSCA will be assessed point values at the time of their approval.

** ECM points are awarded on only the first CH, UDX, OM, RAE, MACH, PACH or FTC title.

*** Points will be awarded for an agility title earned at the regular or preferred levels, but not both.

**** ECSCA Title: No more than 1/4 ECM point awarded for each offspring achieving a WD or WDX, regardless of how often an individual passes a WD or WDX test, and regardless of whether or not a WDX was earned subsequent to a WD by the same individual.

*****ECM – Point contribution for ECM status of offspring stands even if the 2-point limit has been reached.      

Dogs and bitches attaining Hall of Fame status shall be entitled to carry the club title, English Cocker of Merit or “ECM”, after their name.

NOTE:  Dogs or bitches winning an Award of Merit (AOM) at ECSCA Specialties do NOT contribute a point to their sire and dam.  This award should not be confused with the English Cocker of Merit (ECM) award.

NOTE: The ECSCA Statistics Committee tracks a dog’s ECM status.  New ECM titles are announced at the ECSCA Annual Awards Banquet held each year in conjunction with the annual National Specialty show.



  1. What is the minimum number of Champions a sire must produce? Answer: 8
  1. What is the minimum number of Champions a bitch must produce? Answer: 4
  1. How many points does a MACH8 title contribute? Answer: 1 (on the first MACH title)
  1. How many points does a dog or bitch achieving GRCH level silver contribute? Answer: 1 (on the CH title)
  1. A dog or bitch that has achieved all of the following titles – CH – MACH3 – TDX will contribute how many points? Answer: 2
  1. Is the total number of points required increasing? Answer: No. It remains at 12 for a dog and 8 for a bitch.


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