Hunting Hell's Canyon with our ECS


Karyn Eby

    My husband Steve and I left in September last year for early season grouse hunting in Idaho with our family of English Cockers, Calvin (dad), Spree (mom), and Willow (their daughter). The weather always seems to be hot hovering anywhere from 80 to 90 degrees. The best times to hunt are early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat.
    Early one morning we left to drive up National Forest roads in search of good grouse cover. When we thought we found some we would park the truck and walk
through the areas with our dogs.
    Once birds where located the shooting became fast and furious as blue grouse tend to be in groups. The dogs were extremely agile at getting to the downed birds. It was totally amazing to watch our little showbred dogs go down the mountain and climb back up with the birds we had shot as the birds were half their body size. These birds weigh on average 3 lbs. and our dogs gladly retrieve them, working their little heart out.
    We then proceeded to look for ruffed grouse hunting along creek bottoms and
through thick cover and thanks to our dogs we were very successful.
    Later that evening we came back to camp and cooked our bounty of birds. What a
feast we had!  We then climbed in the back of our pick up truck with the dogs. One look at them told me we wouldn't be hunting them the next day as they were very tired and sore.
    We woke up next morning and the dogs were raring to go. What amazing creatures are these beautiful spaniels!

Spree 1  Spree 2