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Guide to Conduct & Judging of Cocker Spaniel Field Trials
English Cocker Spaniel Illustrated Breed Standard
English Cockers in Color – Again
CD/DVD Presentations
Moderation Presentation DVD
An informative panel discussion on Moderation in the English Cocker Spaniel. Renowned breeder judges, Virginia Lynn (Ranzfel, Canada), Karen Roth (Bellflower, USA), and Andrew Jones (Shenmore, UK), discuss the dogs they feel most closely resemble the standard.
Temporarily sold out

Judges’ Education PowerPoint Seminar CD
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Mrs. Anne Clark on Judging the English Cocker DVD
(A MUST for anyone interested in judging the ECS)
A seminar filmed in Olympia, WA at the National Specialty
Out of Stock
Eugene Phoa and Virginia LyneDVD
A breeder education video filmed at the 1997 National Specialty in Ventura, CA
San Diego National Grooming Demonstration DVD
Brent VanMeter ~ Stripping with knives and other tools
Sandra Taale ~ Hand stripping
Lisa Schinker ~ Fronts
Kristin Lyons ~ Heads and under lines
Trish VanMeter ~ Scissoring and blending
Chris Dooley ~ Feet
Shannon Loritz ~ Rears and hocks
Bonnie Threlfall Grooming Workshop DVD
Filmed in Fort Worth, TX at the 1999 National Specialty, this video is not a step-by-step grooming guide for those learning to groom. This video does illustrate correct use of stone, stripping, and advanced grooming techniques along with audience questions and “problem area” grooming.
Out of Stock

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Junior Scholarship
Provide monies for further education of Junior Showmen who continue their education.

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